Monday, March 29, 2010

Movie & Music Monday

Out of boredom I saw Remember Me last Friday. Originally, I wanted to see The Bounty Hunter, but the show times didn't work with my schedule. So while I was waiting around in Rockford for Matt to get off work so we could go to an Ice Hogs game with one of his co-workers, I decided to give the movie a try, even though I did not understand the Robert Pattinson craze. I will add that, even after seeing this movie, I still don't understand the lust...but he can act.

Remember Me starts with an unexpected surprise. Does it make me morbid that I immediately knew this would be a movie I could get into, given what happens in the first 5 minutes? You should see it and let me know!

The movie has tragedies (plural), love, tension, romance and comedy. The settings and the plots (most of them) felt real. I didn't expect what happened at the end. I guess that's because the previews never hint at it. I probably shouldn't have been as shocked as I was. But when I realized what was going to happen, I felt sad. Usually in a movie you have hope that things will work out, but this time I knew it wasn't going to end up that way.

Remember Me reminds you that family and forgiveness go together, that people really can change, and that teen heartthrobs deserve a chance to prove themselves after they graduate from high school.

As for music, I was going through my CD's today and I came across the Great Expectations soundtrack. It's a decent disc...not my favorite soundtrack ever, but I got a lot of use out of it back in the day. I can't find a studio version of my favorite track on the CD, but here's a live version (even better, right?):

I love Tori! :)

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