Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slapdash Sunday

Some synonyms for slapdash are "hasty" and "offhand." That's exactly what this post is going to be like - consider yourself warned. On my blog, Sundays are for venting about what's on my mind...and today there's a lot.

First, where is my period?!?! It is 14 days late. My last period started on January 29, and my cycles are always 30-35 days long. So, what gives? I took two pregnancy tests, and both came back negative. I am worried I have some type of hormonal imbalance or that I'm suffering from an ectopic pregnancy (but wouldn't I test positive on a pg test, if this were the case?). I just want my effing period to get here. For me, it's a refresh button; it lets me move past a failed attempt and onto another round of TTC. In case it is something that could/should be treated, I'm going to schedule a doctors appointment for sometime this week.

Of course my anxiety over these fertility issues has just been compounded by the fact that the whole world is pregnant! Matt's co-worker is pregnant, my co-worker's wife is pregnant, and I just found out a close friend is 11 weeks along. She and I went through our miscarriages at the same time, and while I'm happy for her, it just makes me feel left behind.

What else? Well, I come home from work in excruciating pain every night. My surgeon tells me I'm experiencing a "setback." He says my neck pain should subside and that I just need to take it easy. That's easier said than done when my job requires me to either be running around the center, tending to my students' needs, or sitting in an uncomfortable chair, craning my neck to look at a computer screen. I canceled all my PT appointments for the month and am going into work late three days this week. I am also going to have my co-workers handle the kids all week so I can sit and work on writing their programs. Next week is Spring Break, and I plan to spend it relaxing in my recliner. Hopefully, if I give myself a little break for the next two weeks, my pain will all be gone by the end of the month.

Anyhow, I am done throwing myself a pity party. Whatever is up with my period, I'll find out this week when I visit the doctor. Until then, I have to push it out of my mind. As for my neck, I have been pushing myself to work (at home and the center) at my normal pace. I think I took on too much too soon. I am going to go easy on myself for the rest of March and hope for the best.

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Tamela said...

Everyone around me seems to be pregnant too. I think its another baby boomers or something. Not that I am looking to get pregnant, but your not the only one surrounded by it. I have been drinking bottled water! lol ;)

I hope your neck pain gets better soon. Thank goodness your spring break is coming up so you can take it easy again for a bit.